1. What is HotelsPro?

HotelsPro is a partner company of Airbnb.
If you have booked your accommodation in Russia through Airbnb and you need a Russian visa, HotelsPro will provide you with a visa invitation and will also provide round the clock support for all your questions about getting your visa.
HotelsPro is an accredited Russian tour operator which has already provided visa support for tens of thousands of travellers.
You need only let us have your travel dates and passport details via our simple online form and you will instantly receive your visa invitation. Order invitation now

2. How to receive a Russian visa?

- Place your order on our website www.airbnb.ru
- Complete the online form, pay for the visa invitation (~$10) and receive it right away by email or fax
- Download the visa application form and complete it. Visa application forms may differ depending on the consulate.check with the Russian conculate closest to you.
- Provide photos corresponding to the requirements
- Hand in your documents at the Russian consulate
- The consulate will provide you with a visa, usually in 5-10 days (processing times can vary, check with the Russian consulate closest to you)
- Now you can visit Russia and stay in the country for up to 30 days (click here if you would like to spend more than 30 days in Russia)

3. Questions about ordering a visa invitation

how soon will my visa invitation be ready?
The visa invitation will be sent to you by email immediately after payment has been received
what should I do if I haven't received my visa invitation 10 minutes after placing my order?
In this case you should contact the HotelsPro support service
I don't yet know my precise travel dates. Which dates should I use in my application for the invitation?
The dates shown in your application should fully cover your possible travel dates. We therefore recommend that you apply for a visa invitation only after you have booked all essential accommodation.
which delivery method should I choose?
Choose the Russian consulate closest to you and check in which format they accept visa invitations (PDF printout, fax to you, fax to the consulate or express mail delivery). If you are unsure then select delivery by email. Later, you may choose delivery of the invitation by fax or express-post.

4. Payment

Whom should I pay and what am I paying for?
You are paying HotelsPro, the official partner of AirBnb for the following services:
(1) The provision of a visa invitation.
(2) The delivery of the invitation by email, fax or express-post.
(3) Around the clock support to answer questions about visa procurement.
Please note that HotelsPro do not issue visas. By law, this can only be done by Russian consulates. Go to the How to get a Russian visa section, for more detailed information.
Is my payment secure?
Yes, your payment is secure.
The security of your payment is guaranteed by the processing company Assist. HotelsPro does not use or store your card payment details, this is carried out by means of hi-tech secure servers as used by processing companies and which meet the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems.

All personal data supplied by yourself (name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card number) will remain confidential and will not be divulged.

In what currency will payment be taken from my card?
In your card's currency.
HotelsPro's service costs are calculated in Russian rubbles and are converted into your card's currency using the rate set by Visa or Mastercard. Your bank may additionally charge you for currency exchange; check whether your bank makes such charges.
Who should I contact if there's a problem with my payment?
If your payment has been declined, contact your bank or card issuer for an explanation.
You can also contact HotelsPro support services at any time and we will help you make the payment.
May I make my payment using a friend or relative's card?
Yes, you may.
Please make certain that he or she knows about this and confirms the payment if the bank needs to contact him or her.

5. Questions about completing the Visa application form:

What is the reference number ?
The reference number is the number by which HotelsPro is registered in Russian Tourism Agency. The reference number is set and never changes and is MBT 006537.
What is the confirmation number?
The confirmation number is the unique number of your invitation. It is always the same as the voucher number. You can find it on the upper left part of the invitation. It has the format M-XXXX.
Do I have to hand in the visa documents in person?
You may hand in the visa documents in person or use the services of a local courier company which specialises in collecting and delivering visa documents.
Please check beforehand with the Russian Consulate closest to you whether they accept documents from courier companies and which of those companies are authorized to submit documents to this particular Consulate

6. Special cases/ other questions:

Does my child require a visa?
If your child travels with his or her own passport, then he or she will require a visa.
if we are travelling in a group, does each member of the group require a visa invitation?
A separate visa invitation is required for each tourist who requires a visa.
Do I require a double-entry visa?
Russian double-entry visas are meant for short trips (within 30 days), during which you will enter Russia twice. For example, you will need a double-entry visa when you travel through Russia to Ukraine and then back through Russia again
If you require a visa to enter Russia twice, please indicate this in the online form. If you have already received a single-entry invitation, please contact HotelsPro support services and we will send a double-entry invitation. Please remember that to receive a double-entry visa, you will need to show confirmation of entering Russia twice within 30 days (for example airline or rail tickets).
What if I want to spend more than 30 days in Russia?
To travel to Russia for more than 30 days, you will need to get either a multiple-entry tourist visa (available for US citizens only) or a business visa (for citizens of all other countries). To receive these types of visas, please get in touch with HotelsPro support services.
Do I require a transit visa?
If you require a transit visa, then you do NOT need visa support. Contact your nearest Russian Consulate directly and get the list of documents required to receive a transit visa, you should contact your nearest.
What should I do if the Consulate / Visa Centre refuses to accept my documents?
You should immediately ask the employee of the Consulate / Visa Centre to let you contact the organisation which issued the invitation and call HotelsPro support services. In most cases we can find out the reason for the refusal and advise you on how to hand in your documents and receive your visa.
What should I do if the Consulate refuses to issue my visa?
99,99% of HotelsPro clients successfully receive a Russian visa.
Should you nevertheless be refused a visa, you should immediately фыл еру employee of the Consulate / Visa Centre to let you contact the organisation which issued the invitation and call HotelsPro support services. In most cases we can find out the reason for the refusal and advise you on how to hand in your documents and receive your visa.
Keep in mind that the Consulate has the right not to disclose the reason for the refusal. However, as we mentioned above, such cases are extremely rare
The dates / other parameters of my journey have changed. Do I need to order a new invitation or can I alter the one I already have?
In the case of minor changes, a HotelsPro manager will make the appropriate changes in your invitation as soon as possible. For this service you should contact HotelsPro support services
May I obtain a Russian visa in a country other than my own?
Yes, in most cases. Depending on your citizenship, you may (or may not) apply for a visa in a Russian Consulate in any country. In this case, the requirements for issuing a visa may differ from the requirements of the Russian Consulate in your own country. Please, contact the Consulate where you want to apply for the visa and learn the requirements from them directly.
Will I need to register my visa?
If you will spend no more than 7 days in Russia, then you do NOT need to register your visa.
In other cases you will need to register your visa within 1-2 days of your arrival.
To do this you should ask upon your arrival the owner of the apartment you have booked to:
1. Complete an arrival notification (download it here)
2. Go in person to the post office counter with a document, confirming their right of ownership of the apartment, pay the charge (usually 100-200 rubbles) and send the arrival notification to the nearest Federal Migration Service (UFMS) office. The post office employees will stamp and give back to him or her a part of the arrival notification.
3. The landlord/lady will return this part of the notification to you.
4. The landlord/lady should send this part of the notification to the UFMS office within 2 days after your departure from Russia to notify the authorities that you have left.
If, during your stay in Russia, you should be stopped by the police for a document check, you should show your passport as well as the retained part of the notification. They will examine and return your documents to you immediately. If this does not happen, immediately contact HotelsPro support services and we will help you to resolve any issues.
Should you or the owner of your apartment have any additional questions about your registration, then please contact HotelsPro support services.
Have not found the answer? - Get in touch with HotelsPro 24/7 support